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Health and Social Care Training for Frontline Staff.

We offer a wide range of courses, enabling learners to Immerse themselves in classroom training both on-site and via virtual platforms. We will provide lively debate and thought-provoking challenges to make the training experiences as 'real-life' as possible. 

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Safeguarding Adults and Children 

Full day course built on covering all aspects of proactive and reactive Safeguarding approaches. Using impactful real life case studies learners will have the opportunity to explore beliefs, decisions, actions and consequences around safeguarding vulnerable adults and children. Ongoing interactive exercises throughout the day seeks to empower learners to develop a strong understanding of what true safeguarding means and how to confidently build it into their everyday practices.

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Full Day course using case studies and interactive exercises allowing learners to develop a strong knowledge of the signs, symptoms and functions of challenging behaviour. The course dives into discussion on the valuable role of communication and reflective practice, as central to the approach. This Health and Social care course is designed to equip learners to develop a built-in awareness of de-escalation approaches into their day-to-day work.

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Lone Working

This course is designed to provide learners with real life examples of lone working scenarios, decisions,  risks and outcomes. Using interactive exercises, learners will be able to effectively assess risks from lone working situations and gain a robust understanding of the benefits of working within designated parameters, to stay safe.

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Professional Boundaries 

Using real life case study-based examples, learners will have the opportunity to explore the function of Professional Boundaries. The interactive exercises will focus on the benefits of engaging and supporting clients professionally. This health and social care course provides learners with the necessary tools to embed professional boundaries effectively into their day-to-day practice.

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Influencing change through the power of Conversation

This course focuses on how learners can help to strengthen their client's personal motivation to make changes in their lives. Using case study examples, the course explores some common errors often seen in the process of engaging clients about their future. Communication techniques will be a central focus of this course and key to the process of influencing change through conversation. Learners will be actively engaged in interactive exercises throughout the day helping to develop  their skills and techniques used within this process.

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Self-Harm Awareness 

The course uses real life case studies and interactive exercises to explore the meaning of self-harm. Through active engagement activities, the signs, symptoms and common misconceptions around self-harm are explored.  Assessing and managing the risks of self harm are prominently focused upon through the day. The course aims to empower learners to become more confident and competent in understanding and supporting clients who are or maybe at risk of self-harm.

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Suicide Awareness 

Using interactive activities throughout the day, learners will be immersed in thought and discussion aimed to develop their understanding of supporting clients experiencing suicidal thoughts and ideations. The course material is designed to impact learners using real life case studies, this is with the purpose of increasing confidence to recognise the signs and symptoms and in turn proactively manage risk factors associated with suicide. When dealing with such sensitive subjects the wellbeing of learners is a priority throughout.

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Domestic Abuse 

This full day course is designed to provide learners with the necessary tools to recognise the signs and symptoms of domestic abuse. The material; focuses on real life case studies and interactive exercises that sets out to embed learning more effectively, in turn enabling learners to become more competent and confident in support and risk planning with clients affected by domestic abuse. When dealing with such sensitive subjects the wellbeing of learners is a priority throughout.

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Support Planning & Risk Management

This course is designed to provide learners with the understanding and ability to develop effective person centred, strength-based support plans and risk management plans. Using real life examples learners will explore the value of person centred, strength based planning and risk assessment. Particular focus will be given to the role of team communication and the importance of a collaborative approach to ensure continuity of support.

Learners will be immersed in activities throughout the day that will support the development of these skills, as well as exploring the importance of effective recording.

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Dual Diagnosis 

This one-day course seeks to engage learners, through the use of real-life case studies and interactive activities, to aid and support their understanding around Dual Diagnosis. The course closely examines the role of working in partnership and shared responsibility with other agencies. The course material is designed to impact and empower learners to become more confident to working collaboratively and effectively with clients with dual diagnosis.

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Trauma Informed Care & Personal Resilience

The course material is designed to empower learners to become more informed and confident in recognising the signs and symptoms and, in turn manage the risk factors, associated with trauma. The course explores how trauma-based responses can occur, triggers and ways to interpret and respond to those behaviours. Learners will also explore the importance of their own wellbeing and self-care and their strategies to keep themselves safe and well when dealing with trauma. When dealing with such sensitive subjects the wellbeing of learners is a priority throughout.

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Emotional intelligence in the workplace

This one-day course offers learners the experience of becoming fully immersed in the world of emotional intelligence.

This course explores it origins, its meaning, and its application in everyday life with particular focus on the workplace environment.

Understanding the components of emotional intelligence, the benefits, and the building blocks to achieving greater emotional intelligence and personal resilience are all covered in this course.

Through interactive exercises and discussion throughout the day, learners have the information and the opportunity to explore how they can enhance their work practices and work relationships through emotional intelligence exploration.

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Leadership Skills one day course

This whistle stop tour one day course offers the opportunity for new leaders to explore the effects of styles of leadership, examining key differences between management and leadership practices.

We will take deep dive into the components of positive team cultures and take a journey around the concept of Emotional intelligence exploring the benefits of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

New leaders will be immersed in interactive exercises, real life examples and discussion throughout the day, empowering them with the techniques and confidence to take back to their teams and start building a positive future.

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Performance Management in practice - a manager's guide

This interactive day equips learners with the skills and knowledge to understand the rationale and the components to developing and embedding an effective performance management system into their organisational practice.

The course thoroughly explores factors that affects performance, provides insight into how it can be effectively managed and will include topics of managing difficult conversations and the importance of effective recording. This course provides an opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills, to build a robust and standardised approach to confidently balancing the performance needs of employees against the needs of the business.

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Building Team Resilience – Thriving Under Pressure

This course takes a deep dive into the effects of modern-day work demands and practices on building and maintaining levels of resilience within teams.

The learners will be immersed in discussion and activities around resilience, what it means and the factors that will impact levels of resilience. The learner will be invited to explore resilience in relation to personality traits, levels of emotional intelligence, organisational leadership and process, team dynamics, diversity, and culture. Exploring the ultimate question of what needs to be in place to help teams thrive under pressure.

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Creating High Performing Teams

This 2-day course explores the key components to creating high performing teams. Learners will invited to explore topics which include exploring personality traits, team dynamics, communication, creating psychological safety, promoting emotional intelligence, managing change, cultural architecture, creating measurable outcomes and the effects of leadership styles in creating sustainable high performing teams.

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Upon request, our Health and Social Care Training courses can be tailored to meet your requirements.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver e-courses?

We believe in face to face training in a group setting, whether that is virtually or whether this is at a specific location

Where will the health and social care training be delivered?

The training can take place on-site at your business or online if you prefer.

Can you tailor training courses to suit our needs?

Yes, we can tailor to ensure the courses fit your service needs, with examples and discussions based around your requirements.





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