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Our team combines an abundance of experience, passion and enthusiasm for staff supporting vulnerable adults and children.. These courses have been developed as a result of significant time and experience of working and training in this sector. 

Immerse Training Solutions has emerged to provide impactful, relatable and empowering Health and Social Care Training  courses for frontline staff across the UK.

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Susan Kinniburgh (Partner)
Training and Quality

I first joined Health and Social care as a volunteer in children's services back in 1994. My passion and desire to help others began its journey here and has become an integral part of who I am today.

I progressed to paid support work in Health and Social care whilst completing my psychology degree in the 90s. This led to work within social housing, where I began my first management role.

I worked my way from support work to Head of operations for South England, amongst other senior management roles. Covering client group services from children, young people, drug and alcohol, ex-offenders, mental health, to LD/PD, and managing no less than 40 managers and their teams during that time.

My career also led me to working as a Trainer in Health and Social care and latterly as a Performance Coach in the private sector. It's there I gained qualifications in Emotional intelligence testing and  assessment and Lumina Spark Psychological Trait Profiling.

I have trained and coached frontline staff and managers for over 25 years and as a parent of a child with complex learning and physical disabilities, I have been on both sides of the Health and Social care experience.

What I can say is the value of qualitative, real life, interactive training is immeasurable to improving the lives of others. My experience and passion for this has led me to my involvement in the development of the Immerse training.



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Kate Godden (Partner)
Training and Development

Hi, my name is Katie Godden, and I am very proud to introduce myself as one of the company Directors for Immerse Training Solutions.

I bring with me over 20 years' experience from different roles and environments within the Health & Social Care sector. I started my career as a support worker and then progressed into a quality assurance lead as well as managing a variety of services across Hampshire.

I was fortunate enough to experience what it was like to work on the front line, the positives as well as the challenges and this genuinely shaped me as a manager throughout my career.

My passion has always been to inspire, motivate and empower others. Personal growth and development have always been values that are extremely important to me personally, as well as being able to help others to achieve their goals and aspirations. For me, training is very close to my heart as I get the opportunity to continue to use my knowledge and experience as a way of helping others to develop personal growth and to be open to new and creative ways of working.

At the heart of all my training is the importance of understanding adverse childhood experiences and trauma,  this underpins the foundations to the quality and the effective care and support of others. Most importantly it provides an insight into how trauma affects the day to day lives of people and ultimately how they then deal with life's challenges.

I am very proud to be part of an ever growing and evolving business that has been developed from the Immerse partners' combined and shared values.



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Harry Mackenzie (Partner)

I began life on a YTS (Youth Training Scheme) in the oil and gas industry when I was 17 years old, I continued to work in the oil and gas sector for over 30 years.  My experience and expertise lies within logistics (Air, Sea, Personnel)  my background allowed me to travel the world, managing and supervising logistics teams in all 4 corners of the UK, Norway, Netherlands, France, China, Singapore, Colombia and latterly in South Korea.

My passion lies with sport, mainly football, over the last few years I've been talent scouting for Aberdeen Football club and I now work with Plymouth Argyle FC, I've managed and coached Adult and Children's teams for over 20 years, and also enjoy the odd round of golf when time allows. 

In my professional and social life I have worked in many teams, all with different styles and complexities,  but what I'm certain of is that high quality training is required for both the individual and team to succeed and hands on coaching and training is a vital cog in any teams success. 

Health and social care is a complex arena: critical decisions can at times lie with individuals, those decisions will have an effect on the client, the wider team and organisation. We at Immerse want to ensure that all staff members have the best training from the best training team. We are passionate to pass our knowledge and expertise to services in a relaxed, fun and thought-provoking way.





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